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Incubateur Paris-Dauphine (n.prop.): an incubator that supports audacious teams to provide them with the support and environment they need to succeed.

Quite simply.



A few key numbers
Our numbers speak for themselves (so do our letters...)

10% selection
+109 incubated
88% continue to exist
3 years after
70k€ for seed funding needs
for French start-ups

Our coaching/accompanying
(there's bound to be one that suits you!)


Students Paris

🌞 Conferences

🎉 Events

💡 Trainings

💥 Experts

💬 Peer learning sharing

🤝 Help groups


Alumni Paris

✔️ A tailor-made coaching

🏡 Offices in Paris and access to offices in London

💸 Financing

🤝 Mentorship

🎯 Experts

🙌 Discounts on various services

🔥 Collaborations with other masters of the university


Alumni London

✔️ A tailormade coaching

🏡 Offices in London and access to the Paris campus

🤝 Mentoring

🎯 Experts

🌐 A network

🙌 Discounts on various services

🚀 Collaborations with university masters

Tempted to join the adventure?


There are many benefits you can enjoy. We have useful services and tools recommended by our community members. Missing something essential to your business? Speak to our team and we’ll negotiate it for you! #CUSTOMISABLE

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Our partners have been carefully selected. They’ll bring you their unique skills, their network, and help facilitate your access to the ecosystem. #POWERFULNETWORK

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Want to join our community?

One door always opens another.

What do we really want? We want to Build, Push and Open these doors to you. Bringing together synergies between business, strategy, finance and drive whilst being, understanding, benevolent, open to discussion and constructive.

If you share our values and want to pass them on, as well as help as an entrepreneur or an expert...

Join us now!

What's in the

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