The real advantages for an entrepreneur

You will find here the many advantages of joining the entity at negotiated rates that you can benefit from, for useful services and tools recommended by our community members. 


Missing something essential to your business? Mention it to our team and we’ll negotiate it for you! #CUSTOMIZE

The advantage of being at the University is that you can also benefit from other specific resources:

  • The photo/video studio for your team or product shootings, shoot your clips, train to present the weather, all those kind of useful stuf …
  • The extremely advantageous rates of the Dauphiné associations :
  • Photo services with Phinedo (team shooting, coverage of an event…)
  • Video production with Channel 9
  • Business consulting case with Junior Conseil
  • Guidance in writing your recruitment posts within the Career Center

Making the most of their experience!

The connections we forge with other startups allows us to learn a lot and to exchange information and skills on an ad hoc basis. At the same time, the incubator team animates this community very well and gives us access to many other advantages (subscriptions, productivity tools). Finally, the incubator can be proud of  many success stories, with an exciting track records of start-ups who chose to take on their journey with the Dauphine Incubator. This opens many doors for us. 

Ghislain, co-founder of Billee