Click & Boat

Click & Boat is a platform that brings boat owners and renters together. Launched in 2013, the site now offers more than 22,000 boats for rent in over 35 countries. 

The ambition? To become the international leader in online boat rental, in the same way as Airbnb or 

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A few key figures

2013 The platform is launched
3 Million visitors a year
20 Million euros set aside for the owners in 2017
22 Thousand boats to rent all around the world



Edouard Gorioux

Co-founder Click & Boat

Jérémy Bismuth

Co-founder Click & Boat

A word
from the founder

We joined the Dauphine Incubator in March 2014, when the company was created. Setting up a company is a wonderful but extremely demanding adventure. Joining the incubator allowed us to put all the chances of success on our side, to evolve rapidly in a very stimulating and pleasant working environment, in contact with other startups. Accompanied by a mentor, we benefited from personalized advice throughout our incubation period. Thank you to the incubator and the whole team!

Edouard, Co-founder of Click & Boat

A little bit
of history

Launched based on the same model as AirBnb in 2013, the founders started from a simple observation: in Brittany as on the Mediterranean coast, a boat is only used for about ten days a year and its annual costs are very high. 

Click&Boat offers a real solution: a very easy-to-use platform to put owners and tenants in touch with each other. On the renter’s side, the advantages are numerous: the choice is enormous, more than 22,000 boats are available in more than 35 countries and at prices 40% lower than with a professional charter company. 

The top story of 2018? The sailor François Gabart, who is investing and becoming a Click & Boat sponsor! 

Today the leader in this sector and open to professional charter companies, Click&Boat continues to develop and needs talent to continue its rapid international growth! 

If you too want to leave your suit and tie behind and work in a startup with a bright future, join our team! 

The collaborative consumption revolution is underway, help us change the world. 



François Gabart, official sponsor
Click & Boat, the "boat version of Airbnb"
Click & Boat opens up to professional renters