Workwell is the platform that allows you to centralise access to the services available to employees in a company. 

Our ambition? To make employees happier and more connected at work.

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A few key figures

2017 Workwell is created
2 Offices (Paris and NYC)
25 People in the team
12 Amazing partners



Marie Schneegans

Co-founder Workwell

Paul Dupuy

Co-founder Workwell

A word
from the founder

Go alone, go fast, go together, go far! 

When you start a project, the most important thing is to dare and never give up. I started the Workwell adventure after the Never Eat Alone adventure, always with the same focus: happiness at work. This has been my guiding principle for all these years, which allows me to go further and further! The Paris-Dauphine Incubator allowed me to launch my business while I was still a student, and still supports me today. I am very proud to have been the godmother of the last class of student-entrepreneurs and to be able to pass on to them, I hope, the desire to start their own business!

Marie Schneegans, co-founder of Workwell

A little bit
of history

Workwell is the second step after Never Eat Alone. 

Originally, the Never Eat Alone app was created to meet a growing need: to reconnect employees and break the sillos in the company, by allowing employees to meet over lunch. Many CAC 40 companies have adopted the tool, which was a first step on the road to corporate happiness 

In our personal and daily lives, we have access to many applications that simplify our lives, with lots of cool and practical services. Why should this stop as soon as we walk through the door of the company?  

This is where the idea for Workwell: “the office app” came from.  

From a single interface, employees can easily access services as varied as: carpooling, temperature control in the office, the company restaurant menu, meeting room reservations and concierge services. 

As Workwell is an open platform, we also invite startups and larger companies to distribute their services in our app. Contact us for more information!