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Founded in 1968, the Université Paris-Dauphine is a French public higher education and research institution, part of the Université Paris sciences et lettres (PSL). In a nutshell, Paris-Dauphine University has 9,200 students, 41 associations, 6 research centres, 1,500 business relations and 90,000 alumni!

The university has its historic campus in Paris, but is also present internationally: Tunis, London, Mannheim and Frankfurt.

Entrepreneurship is more and more present in Dauphine via training courses, research centers & laboratories or even associations. This environment can be complex to understand. There is so much going on!

To guide you, we have listedthe various initiatives and the right contacts to prevent you from getting lost in the twists and turns of our organization 😉

The programs

Bachelor’s Degree Level

Are you a student looking to find out where, when and how you can take part and completely immerse yourself in a sphere of innovation?

Please see the specific information according to your level of study.

  1. Dauphine-Talents

Incoming bachelor students or currently in your Year 1 (L1), wanting to launch an entrepreneurial project that requires time to develop, yet still want to keep up with their studies: Dauphine Talents is for you. This demanding program will offer a tailored schedule and allow you to reconcile your studies with the time spent on your entrepreneurial idea/project.

Find out more: Dauphine Talents website

The right contact: Paul Deshays, paul.deshays@dauphine.fr

2. Other modules and options in L2

Collective project setting up & entrepreneurship: thematic option in S3 and S4 of the 2nd year of LSO (License in Sciences of organizations)
Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Development: thematic option in S3 and S4 of the 2nd year of LSO (License in Sciences of organizations)
Lean startup (entrepreneurship): thematic option in the 2nd year (S3 and S4) of the Dauphine School of Management and Applied Economics Diploma (DEGEAD)
Find out more: LSO website
Contact: accueil.lso@dauphine.fr | Tel. : +33 1 44 05 40 14

Word’s from George… Talent Program student-entrepreneur

This is the kind of program that makes you love the challenges that come along with entrepreneurship!

Mark Zuckerberg decided to pay a visit to monks in India to help him redefine his vision of Facebook. When you are home working hard for your project, it’s the follow-up appointments with the incubator team that keeps you going… without them one can have a tendency to easily divert and deviate from your original vision!

George, Founder of ToolGuide

Master 2 level

  1.  Master MTI

The aim of the Master’s degree, shared between Paris-Dauphine University, Ecole des Mines ParisTech and ISTN, is to train ‘innovation’ professionals to manage and finance industrial and technological projects, from design to product; while effectively managing the transition from research to the market, which helps them define the overarching strategic lines of the business.

To find out more: link to the MTI master’s degree

The right contact: Albert David, albert.david@dauphine.fr

  1. Master Entrepreneurship and Innovative Projects

The aim of the master’s program is to provide students with professional training by promoting action-orientated learning and addressing all facets of an entrepreneurial project.

To find out more: link to the Entrepreneurship & Innovative Projects master’s program

The right contact: Sonia Ledunois (sonia.adam-ledunois@dauphine.psl.eu)

  1. Other modules in M2:

Master of Management / An Introduction to Entrepreneurship: a 24-hour seminar that allows you to meet 5 or 6 business leaders. Each of the founder’s intervention includes a business case related to the company for study. 

MPPBS / Entrepreneurship and new business models: It is based on the concept of business model to understand the process of renewal and value creation within an organisation, this module presents the fundamental elements in the construction and analysis of a business model and allows you to approach the new emerging forms of business models and helps you understand their importance. 

Research hubs & innovation centers

Innovation is built over time. It can come from a need encountered along the way, but also from passionate researcher’s brain. The advantage is that in Paris-Dauphine, there are (really) renowned innovation labs.

Why do we care?

Because great stories are born from the world of research and that of business coming together to make one innovative idea. 

Because motivated students have the capacity to bring research projects to life.

Because startups highly rely on research to improve their offering.

More concretely, we have at your disposal

Six laboratories at the University of Paris-Dauphine: the Centre for Research in Mathematics of Decision-Making (CEREMADE), the Laboratory for Analysis and Modelling of Decision Support Systems (LAMSADE), Dauphine Recherche en Management (DRM), the Law Research Centre (C’2D), the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Social Sciences (IRISSO) and the Dauphine Economics Laboratory (LEDa).

Find out more about the research centers, here

The House of Finance, whose objective is to position Paris-Dauphine as THE refering centre within the academic and institutional world of financial restructuring, by relying on its great capacity for analysis and expertise through a diversity of approaches. Paris-Dauphine is recognised for its financial acumen, becoming increasingly relevant with innovation as the incubator regularly accompanies startups from FinTech sector. 

Find out more about the House of Finance.

Alumni & students societies

  1. Dauphine Alumni

It is THE network of Dauphinois, students and alumni, which includes 21 business clubs and 90,000 alumni, in France and abroad.

To find out more: link to the Dauphine Alumni website.

To contact them directly: contact@dauphine-alumni.org

  1. Student Societies

Would you like to get involved in a student society for entrepreneurship? We have several options for you !

Dauphine Genius aims at raising awareness on entrepreneurial knowledge by organising various events throughout the academic year. This society is also part of several other schools, an ideal way to meet complementary profiles!

Link to the Dauphine Genius website and to its Facebook page.

NOISE is a passionate community that is committed to making the innovations that have a positive impact on our societies, and to encourage their anchoring in our ways of learning. Created by and for students from several schools, NOISE is reinventing education!

Link to Noise’s website and Facebook page.

PSL University

The PSL University (Paris Sciences & Lettres) brings together a wide variety of prestigious institutions regrouped around Arts, Sciences, Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences.  A freedom of spirit and an entrepreneurial outlook are both key attributes of the institution that comes with resources to help explore new fields, build innovative projects and create start-ups.

We work very closely to PSL-Pépite (the student centre for innovation and entrepreneurship), as well as with PSL Lab, which offers students a complete guide in carrying out their project and benefiting from the national student-entrepreneur status.

Useful links :

Find out more about PSL

Learn more about innovation & entrepreneurship at PSL

Find out more about the student-entrepreneur diploma.

Your contacts : Bruno Rostand, Director of Innovation PSL (bruno.rostand@psl.eu) and Nadine-Eva Jeanne, Animator of the PSL-Lab: nadine-eva.jeanne@psl.eu