🎯Our mission is to bring you what you are looking for and more.

🤝Our promise is to support you in your first months of existence at all levels, in an attentive setting.

✅ Our specificity? It’s about doing what you say, and doing it in a quality way, while giving yourself the agility to meet your needs. Serious, without taking yourself seriously.



We favor a 100% tailor-made approach to allow you to choose the solutions you need at the right moment. Support includes:

🤝 Regular follow-up with your mentor and the incubator team, to challenge you and facilitate access to your market through our network: networking, business introductions, etc.

📝 A la carte 1to1 meetings, according to your needs, with our experts on Finance (accounting, taxation, fundraising), Legal, Marketing & Communication, Media Relations, UX / UI or even HR subjects.

💡Collective workshops if you are several entrepreneurs with similar challenges: SEO / SEA, fundraising, work & personal life organization, recruitments …

A stimulating environment, with community breakfasts, entrepreneurial aperitifs, lunches between founders to share and provide mutual support …


The first funds are key to the development, which is why we make it easier for you to access funding (public & private):

1. PIA: up to 30K € of subsidy thanks to the PIA (subject to eligibility), we help you with the application preparation and the relationship with BPI France.

2. ‘Pret d’honneur’: up to € 40K per project, in the form of a loan from the Dauphine Foundation (zero-interest loan, repayable in 5 years, with a one-year grace period). This loan is compatible with other financing that you could request (Wilco, Réseau Entreprendre, PIE …). Two to three investment committees are organized per year, with a dedicated jury, and we prepare you upstream to explain your project, and to optimize your chances of success.

3. PSL Innovation Fund: PSL seed fund with Elaia Partners. The conditions to apply will be presented to you on a case-by-case basis, depending on your development stage and your funding needs. More info about the fund here.

4. Diagnostic-pitch: meeting and talking to investors, you can learn. We organize meetings for you with our financing experts (private investors, Business Angels clubs, fundraisers, etc.) in order to challenge : you, your presentations and your metrics.

5. Connections with our network and the ecosystem: we do not hesitate to leverage our network to put you in touch with people who may be interested in your company (financing and business). The Paris-Dauphine network is important, it’s up to you to know how to convince it!


Our premises are located in the heart of Paris-Dauphine University (metro 2 “Porte Dauphine” or RER B “Avenue Foch”), Paris 16th. 

The advantage is being immersed in a rich ecosystem: teachers, students, research laboratories, alumni network …

We have three coworking rooms, shared by a dozen carefully selected startups, allowing you to benefit from:

💻 An island of 6 places for your team

☕️ With all the perks and supplies: coffee machine, fridge and microwave, copier, basic supplies, meeting room, relaxation room, good ambiance and jokes on request…

🙌 And a responsive dedicated team to support you

And that’s not all ! You can also benefit from:

🏋️‍♀️The gym at 70 € / year #PASDEXCUSE

🌭The university restaurant at an unbeatable price #CHOUXDEBRUXELLES

🌳Bois de Boulogne a 2-minute walk away to breathe your mind #MEDITATION



1. A relevant ecosystem: students and Masters

More than 8,000 students, nearly 90 Masters and 6 renowned research centres: many super qualified resources that you can use to develop your startup:

👩‍🎓Collaborations with Masters (marketing, law, entrepreneurship, finance, etc.): students work on your challenges as part of their  training #OHYEAH 

💥Beta-test: a pool of potential users to test your solution #SURPLACE

🧑‍🎓 Talent pool: internships or gigs, more and more Dauphinois are collaborating with  startups #WINNERS

🔍Privileged access to the research laboratories of the University and of PSL: for those who have a project aligned with the topics studied by the researchers, we do our outmost best to simplify the meeting and the exchange and allow you to access the excellence of this University. It would be a shame to miss it!

2. A network of experts

Our network is growing every day: a mix of entrepreneurs, alumni, teachers, industry or business experts, who are committed to getting involved with you to support you in your project. Our job is to stay connected to this growing network, to inform it, to create meaningful meetings and be able to make you meet the right people, at the right time. #I HAVE A QUESTION

You can see an overview of this community in the section “Our team and your mentors”.


We recruit our cohorts twice a year, through open application processes: in September for the fall intake, and in March for the spring intake. Don’t miss the next one!

We select 10% of the candidates who apply, thanks to our jury of demanding and recognized entrepreneurs and investors.

No surprises, you must meet the following criteria:

👩🏽‍🎓 One of the co-founders must be a graduate of Paris-Dauphine University (or PSL);

💸 A fee of 700 € per month (per startup) is to be paid every month, at the beginning of the month;

📆 You agree to participate in our (great) events, organized by and for the incubator!

🙂 You must ensure a regular physical presence on the premises 🙂