Teezily is the e-commerce platform that helps you create customised products and launch your own online shop. 

By taking care of all the logistics and order finalisationTeezily allows you to focus solely on marketing your products online. Since its launch in 2014, thousands of merchants from all over the world have monetized their ideas and changed their lives!


Charles Dilasser, CEO, charles@teezily.com
Angelica Pratolini, Communication manager, angelica@teezily.com

A few key figures

2014 The platform is launched
+180 Delivered countries
8 Languages for our customer service
+10 Million buyers



Charles Dilasser

CEO Teezily

Maëva Marchais

COO Teezily

Enzo Finidori

CTO Teezily

A word
from the founder

We have wonderful memories of the Paris-Dauphine Incubator! Sharing this experience with many other ambitious young people was a motivation to succeed and to overcome our own limits. We will never forget the exchanges, the sharing moments, the parties, our little Christmas tree, the galette des rois etc. with our friends from Click & Boat, Geronimo, Le Closet and Les Joyeux Recycleurs! It was a key period for us, and we are delighted today to be able to pass it on.

Charles Dilasser, CEO of Teezily


A little bit
of history

Since its creation in early 2014, Teezily has been committed to providing a simple solution for dreams to come true 

Hundreds of people make a living working full time on Teezily, thousands of people supplement their income and millions have bought and liked our products, but our work is far from over. 

Our mission is to stay up to date with the latest features and technologies in the fields of digital marketing and e-commerce, to enable everyone to successfully launch their online business. 

At Teezily, we strongly believe in the values of creativity, teamwork and multiculturality. Our current team consists of over 13 nationalities, with a team that speaks over 15 languages. We plan to expand our horizons even further and make Teezily the global company it is proud to be.