MadboxLife is a game

Madbox is a start-up specialising in the publishing and integration of mobile app and games, whose mission is to gamify people’s lives through innovative games. To create this unique gaming experience, Madbox has created an environment where users can discover several games united by a common account and a single currency. 

Madbox’s goal is to become a key player in the world of video games, both in the production of games and in the automation of their creation.

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A few key figures

+1M Gamers
+100 Countries
+15 Games
10 Employees



Maxime Demeure

Co-founder Madbox

Jonathan Hattab

Co-founder Madbox

A word
from the founder

The Paris-Dauphine Incubator, and especially the D-start programme, accompanied us at the very beginning of the company while we were still students. This allowed us to avoid the mistakes of the beginning and to accelerate our growth thanks to the incubator’s network and above all it allowed us to meet our first investor!

Maxime Demeure, co-founder of Madbox

A little bit
of history

Maxime & Jonathan’s partnership was born while working on a social network & gamification project. 

Their first idea was called JustDare and was intended to be a social network of challenges. The app allowed people to challenge their friends, and then post a photo or video to prove their audacity. 

From the concept of gamification of everyday life, the project evolved into what Madbox (formerly MadJoh) is today. Today, Madbox’s ambition is to offer unique gaming experiences to as many players as possible around the world.