Who is the Dauphine incubator? It’s a startup for startups, a project itself incubated in Paris-Dauphine University.

Behind the idea –  five alumni wanting to promote Dauphine entrepreneurship and support entrepreneurs , having themselves gone through the same struggle.

The need to share ideas, to grow, structure and develop projects is in our incubator’s DNA. We offer programs built by and for entrepreneurs, that encourage synergies between those who have things to share and those who want to be productive with their time.

Who’s supporting us? The Paris-Dauphine Foundation, where we develop our projects and support entrepreneurs, thanks to funding from individual and corporate donors.

And of course, let’s not forget our base donor University Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL) – the network of schools to which Dauphine belongs to and which has helped finance the creation of our student entrepreneur program as well as the recent renovation of our premises!

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In order to develop and support the entrepreneurial spirit of Dauphine University for both our students and graduates we like to follow three key objectives:

1. Promoting Dauphine’s entrepreneurial spirit

Explain, show, inspire others – this is the mission we have set ourselves along with the Dauphine students, to make Paris-Dauphine a reference in the area of entrepreneurship. There’s no need to be of a specific age or have had past relevant experience to launch a new brilliant idea today, right? You just need a little bit of drive and resilience to actually make it happen! #CHALLENGEACCEPTED

2. Accompanying entrepreneurs

Growing, adding value, supporting: our support system thrives on a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Our DNA is reflected within our program choices, tailored by entrepreneurs as well as for entrepreneurs. #WHAT ELSE?

3. Building a tight-knit ecosystem

Sharing and bringing together: the incubator is at the heart of a rich academic ecosystem. Backed by an internationally renowned university and supported by the Dauphine Foundation, the network has over 90,000 alumni worldwide!

Immersed in an environment of excellence and creativity, we are keen to share our resources and capitalise on all of our alumni’s and partner’s expertise of building an idea from scratch and building innovative solutions. #AHOMEFORENTREPRENEURS



This philosophy is inspired by a motto that has marked the minds of many Dauphinois: Work Hard, Have Fun, Be a Leader!

Why did we adopt and integrate this motto to our vision?

Because entrepreneurship is a journey that comes with its failures and successes, whilst always requiring a strong determination. In fact, it is not the idea but the execution of the idea that counts. After all, it’s your ability to execute your thoughts and ideas that will persist on the long run. #WORK HARD

Entrepreneurship must remain a fun adventure with the thrill of creating, building, finding solutions, understanding, whilst also convincing others. It’s all about the thrill of making connections, the thrill of succeeding, whilst still accepting to take risks. It’s all about challenging yourself whilst learning to enjoy the taste for risks. But above all, it’s about sharing your motivation and drive with others, so…. #HAVE FUN

Being an entrepreneur also means sharing your vision, ideas with others, and enjoying the path to inspiring others around you. It means showing others the path to their own success, yet not losing touch with your priorities. Become a #LEADER

Behind every idea, every startup, there is an entrepreneur. As the French would say, there is ‘a raison d’etre’, a life path. And along this path, you’ll come to understand your purpose and the reasons why you are doing this today. #WHY