Jus Mundi

Jus Mundi is the search engine for international law and arbitration. 

Legal professionals use Jus Mundi to conduct their legal research and due diligence with confidence. 

Our goal is to improve accessibility to global legal information. We have made your job easier by creating a single, comprehensive and reliable database for every area of international law and arbitration. All accessible on a single platform. 

We use artificial and collaborative intelligence to collect and structure global legal data. By combining law and technology, we empower lawyers around the world to efficiently conduct in-depth international legal research. 

Jus Mundi also provides data and analysis on arbitrators, lawyers and law firms involved in international cases. 

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A few key figures

2018 Jus Mundi is created
23 Employees
13 Different nationalities in the team
500 Thousand euros of turnover



Jean-Rémi De Maistre

Co-founder & CEO Jus Mundi

Aurélien Duval

Co-founder & COO Jus Mundi

Thomas Latterner

Co-founder & CTO Jus Mundi

Valentin Brondel

Co-founder, Head of Data & CFO Jus Mundi

A word
from the founder

A big thank you to the Paris-Dauphine Incubator team who supported us for a year. A quality support, very attentive to the start-ups and their needs, added to that a pleasant and professional working atmosphere, all in a good mood! 

Thanks to the incubator team, we were able to take advantage of partnerships set up to obtain essential tools and at a lower cost, to have a network of professionals at hand with whom we were able to organise frequent meetings. 

Special thanks to Cécile, Camille and Julie who were our office neighbours for a whole year, but above all a solid support during our incubation.

Jean-Rémi, co-founder of Jus Mundi

A little bit
of history

Jean-Rémi represented and advised states before international courts and tribunals. This experience made him aware of the problem of international legal research. 

With a group of friends working in tech and data, they launched Jus Mundi in early 2018.