A few key figures

33 Billion of potential market
4 Advanced technologies combined
99 % accuracy of authentication algorithm
11 Recruitments by the end of May 2021



Sara Sebti

Co-founder & CEO ShareID

Sawsen Rezig

Co-founder & CTO ShareID

A word
from the founder

The Paris-Dauphine Incubator provides us with an ecosystem tailored to our needs. The support offered as well as the various possible collaborations, whether is with Dauphine’s master’s degrees or research laboratories, will enable us to accelerate our R&D development and our growth. 

And above all, because at Dauphine, we feel at home and could never feel more supported than by the D-Family! 

Sara Sebti, Co-founder of ShareID


A little bit
of history

ShareID’s co-founders, Sawsen and Sara, met as part of the Entrepreneur First program at Station F in March 2020. 

They have the complementary skills needed to develop and grow the startup.