Le Cab' Politique

Le Cab’ Politique is a company dedicated to the political commitment of the actors of public and political life. We help to renew the link between elected officials and their constituents through software and digital solutions that are accessible, useful, and effective. Our software can be used both in office and during election campaigns and fit with the requirements of political life.

We have developed two digital solutions :

  • CIVIS, which enables local authorities and elected representatives to reach out to their population to gather citizens’ opinions about a current or future project in their municipality. CIVIS can be used for public consultation in the context of an urban planning project or the implementation and evaluation of new public policies. The software is accessible on any digital medium.
  • Territoria, a software for senators, regional and departmental councilors, which reinforce the relationship and the cooperation of the elected representatives of the same territory. Thanks to a political logic adapted to the particularities of each mandate, Territoria allows an optimization of the political communication as well as better management of the relations between elected representatives on the same territory.

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