Fairvioo is a positive-impact SaaS solution that helps e-commerce players collect as many post-purchase customer testimonials as possible, thanks to a more engaging solidarity concept for consumers that transforms their opinions into donations to associations. 

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A few key figures

2018 Fairvioo is ccreated
5 Partner associations
15% Of the turnover redistributed
1 Million of euros redistributed to associations



Julien Legret

Co-founder & CEO Fairvioo

Vincent Farines

Co-founder Fairvioo

Céline Louvet

Co-founder & CTO Fairvioo

A word
from the founder

We believe that tomorrow “unicorns” will be the companies that manage to combine a strong social and environmental impact with an economically viable model. It is with this vision that we conceived Fairvioo and we hope that many other start-ups will also try to meet this challenge!

Julien, Co-founder of Fairvioo

A little bit
of history

At Fairvioo we believe that a new approach is needed to respond to the new challenges facing our world today. We are convinced that the answer to these new challenges does not lie in public policies, but in the emergence of a new economy, which will be more socially inclusive, more collaborative and environmentally responsible. 

We are proud to count 5 partner associations within the Fairvioo community, covering various issues and themes in order to touch everyone’s sensibility and encourage everyone’s commitment: 


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