Skiptax is a mobile app which allows foreign tourists to apply for a tax refund in just a few clicks, instead of going through a long and laborious paper procedure. 

Skiptax is the first digital tax refund operator approved by French Customs! 

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A few key figures

4 Committed co-founders
2018 Skiptax is created
2019 Officially approved by French Customs
2020 The mobile app is officially launched



Raphael Salama

Co-founder & CEO Skiptax

Thierry Lunati

Co-founder & CTO Skiptax

Pascal Mattei

Co-founder & FullStack dev Skiptax

Alexandre Lunati

Co-founder & VP Product Skiptax

A word
from the founder

We wish to become the leader in digital tax refund in Europe and to disrupt an entire sector which has not shown any evolution for decades. 

By joining the Paris-Dauphine Incubator, we mean to expand our network but also share our ideas with as many other incubated entrepreneurs as possible! It is by working hand-in -hand on these complex issues that we will be able to make progress. The year 2021 is looking to be full of promise and renewal, and we look forward to working to revitalise French and European tourism – all that in the good working environment that the Paris-Dauphine Incubator offers!

Raphael Salama, Co-founder of Skiptax


A little bit
of history

Skiptax was born out of the simple fact that tax refund was not functional in France, and that it was actually harming the tourism industry. 

Always looking to create and find innovative solutions, Raphael set out to build a team that would help him meet this challenge! Skiptax is above all a meeting between 4 entrepreneurs of several generations who share the same ambition and determination to transform an entire sector. 

Alexandre, Pascal, Thierry and Raphael are passionate about overturning the current “old school” way of doing business in the duty-free market to bring more simplicity, efficiency and transparency. It is by gathering their own respective experiences that they are enthusiastically taking over the coming year 2021!