Pandor offers a solution of intelligent pre-selection of cultural products depending on your affinities, tastes, and preferences 

Thus, you will receive every month a personalised selection and then you could choose according to your budget and availabilities. 

In addition,  all orders placed with Pandor are eligible for subsidies from your works council.

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A few key figures

2020 Pandor is created
38 Partners
24 Work councils
10 Recruitments by the end of 2021



Adrien Legros

Co-founder, CPO & Head of Data Pandor

Julien Casbas

Co-founder & CEO Pandor

A word
from the founder

Pandor has been created to respond to a clear problematic: the cultural choice. The cultural market is an atypical one: the more we move forward in time, the more references there are, which makes the choice of a cultural product complex.  

So, we’ve decided to respond to it with a cross-cultural AI solution. The Paris-Dauphine Incubator allows us to accelerate our stepping back, and to challenge our strategy thanks to a network of experts and mentors.

Julien Casbas, Co-founder of Pandor


A little bit
of history

Pandor makes an intelligent pre-selection solution available to its client. Every month, make your choice through a selection that reflects you depending on your budget and availabilities 

Pandor is born from on a simple observation: when someone decides to acquire a cultural good (books, films, exhibitions, theatre, shows, museums), his or her search time is more than 2 hours over a month, and satisfaction is not always there. 

Pandor allows everyone to eliminate search time and find cultural goods with a satisfaction rate of over 90%. Pandor allows complete freedom in the choice of cultural products, and all prices are public.