Le Cab' Politique

Le Cab’ Politique is at the service of the political commitment of the actors of the public life. We help to renew the link between elected representatives and their constituents.

We have developed two digital solutions:

  • CIVIS, which allowed communities to go into contact with their population to collect citizens’ opinions about an on-going project or one to come in their municipality.
  • A software for senators, regional and departmental councillors which can strengthen the relationship and collaboration of the elected representatives of a same territory.

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A few key figures

2019 The Cab' Politique is created by 4 partners
34 968 Municipalities to be potentially equipped in France
2 Available softwares at the Cab' Politique
7 Civic consultations held to date



Eliott Baylot

Co-founder, President & Commercial manager Le Cab' Politique

Anthony Grally

Co-founder & Elected representatives and communities manager Le Cab' Politique

Théophile Dano

Co-founder & Data manager Le Cab' Politique

Théo Chennebault

Co-founder & Softwares and innovation manager Le Cab' Politique

A word
from the founder

Le Cab’ Politique’s goal is to become a permanent feature on the political landscape, supporting local authorities in their consultation projects and elected representatives in the management of their mandates.

We joined the incubator for the quality of the resources made available to the founders. We were attracted by the proximity of the other companies, which allowed us to exchange information on each other’s problems and to support each other.


Eliott Baylot, Co-founder of Le Cab’ Politique


A little bit
of history

Le Cab’ Politique was born after the 2017 legislative elections where we made various observations:

  • It is getting increasingly difficult to mobilise voters.
  • Abstention is growing at the same time as the rejection of politics.
  • There are fewer and fewer political activists ready to commit themselves and give their time.

We therefore developed a first software for candidates to enable them to mobilise while being in line with the needs of the field. We then extended the possibilities of the software for local elected officials to continue the action started during the campaign during their term of office. Based on our meetings with elected officials, we designed a second software package for senators to enable them to better exchange with the elected officials in their department and to reinforce their communication.