Cozmat is a distribution platform for cosmetic raw materials of plant origin. Our goal is to develop the first B2B marketplace dedicated to specialty cosmetic raw materials. The cosmetic raw materials industry is quite traditional, with few startups willing to transform the way business is conducted in this field. 

Cozmat has thus managed to attract the attention of the major cosmetics groups in France, which are being forced to adopt more transparent and responsible production. Cozmat also aims to automate and secure the exchange of documents, and to reduce existing distribution costs in the cosmetics industry’s supply chain. 

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A few key figures

2 Passionate co-founding brothers
12 Suppliers who value the environment and consumer welfare
2 Groups producing cosmetics and natural care products in France already trust them
300 K€ in the first 6 months of activity



Kian Rajabi

Co-founder Cozmat

Koorosh Rajabi

Co-founder Cozmat

A word
from the founder

We are very proud to be incubated at the Paris-Dauphine Incubator: it was at this university that we met Ewa who is now part of the team. We believe that to succeed, you need to be in an environment with dynamic and motivated people who understand our daily challenges as entrepreneurs.

Kian Rajabi, co-founder of Cozmat

A little bit
of history

The Cozmat project started in September 2018 and the company was then created in June 2019.  

This entrepreneurial project was the reason why the two founding brothers came to France, the leading cosmetics exporting country in the world. 

The founders are therefore fortunate to have 100% confidence in each other, to be in the same stage of life and to share the same ambitions for the company.