Whether you want to enjoy a hot coffee when you arrive at the office, fill up on vitamins during your sports session with a fresh smoothie or enjoy an unusual tea on the other side of the world, the Balzeo bottle can be adapted to all tastes.

Three main values define the brand:

  1. Design: a very trendy and fashionable bottle;
  2. Technology: heat preservation for 12 hours and cold preservation for 24 hours;
  3. Ecology: part of the profits are donated to an association that fights against plastic pollution of the oceans.

The brand’s aim is to combine form, design and function to offer a collection of lightweight, reusable bottles to keep you hydrated all day long!

In addition, it is 100% recyclable, unlike plastic, which is harmful to the environment, wildlife and human health.

Balzeo is also part of a real ecological approach by supporting The Sea Cleaners, which is committed to the well-being of the oceans. 10% of the profits are donated to the association and the money collected is used to finance the construction of the Manta: a boat that will scour the seas to collect floating plastic waste.

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A few key figures

100 Thousand euros of turnover in 2020
70 B2B clients
30 Bottle models for sale on the online shop
9 Thousand bottles sold



Hugo Capelle

Founder Balzeo

A word
from the founder

The Paris-Dauphine Incubator allowed me to check the viability of my ideas and to be advised by entrepreneurs and various professionals. We are lucky to have such support and that it is entirely free!


Hugo Capelle, Founder of Balzeo


A little bit
of history

During an academic exchange in Boston in 2017, I noticed that the local students all had their own isothermal bottles. No plastic bottles on campus, only water fountains in each building and thermos for everyone. When I returned to France, I decided to launch Balzeo to change things at my level. I offer a sustainable and ecological solution to all generations, to stay hydrated in style.