Finteum is creating a global financial market for bank treasurers to lend to each other for hours at a time. Intraday liquidity is very expensive for bank treasurers. This became a very important topic a few years ago when the regulation changed, and when banks started monitoring their cash on a minute-by-minute basis.

Our solution saves £40m per year for a large bank and £2bn per year for the industry. It gives treasury teams more robust capabilities to react to unexpected cash needs. It also reduces the risk in the financial system.

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2018 Creation of Finteum
2 Billion potential savings for the banking industry
40 Million savings for a large bank
2021 Year of go-live



Brian Nolan

Co-founder Finteum

Zbigniew Czapran

Co-founder & CTO Finteum

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Finteum has chosen the Dauphine incubator in London, since Dauphine has a broad, international network of financial services professionals that are relevant to us. Finteum’s vision is the 24-hour optimisation of bank treasurers’ financial resources. We are excited to interact with the Dauphine ecosystem to collaborate towards that vision.

Brian & Zbigniew, co-founders of Finteum

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Intraday liquidity is a topic that Brian worked on in UBS treasury. It is a pain for the 40+ large banks we have relationships with. In 2018 Oliver Wyman said it’s possible for a bank to reduce their annual cost of intraday liquidity by $25-75m. There are not enough solutions. In 2019 Boston Consulting Group said 43% of treasurers expect new intraday liquidity markets within 2 years.

Many people that work in bank business units see that their P&L is affected by charges for the use of liquidity. However, liquidity is not well understood, especially intraday liquidity. Finteum is passionate about putting more tools into the bank treasurer’s toolset, to reduce this cost. This benefits the bank, and its business units. In addition, treasurers that are using Finteum can confidently tell their regulators that they are working on improving their intraday liquidity capabilities.