Protect My Pet

Protect My Pet is a monthly subscription box service delivering personalised flea, tick and worm products to pet owners across the UK. Products are delivered either monthly or every three months depending on recommended dosing intervals.

This timely delivery service means pets never miss a dose and owners can spread the cost of their parasite prevention across monthly instalments.

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A few key figures

2016 Creation of Protect My Pet
46 % of the UK population have a pet
9 million pet dogs in the UK
7.5 million pet cats in the UK



Marianne Strange

Founder Protect My Pet

A word
from the founder

Protect My Pet has a growing base of pet owners through the provision of monthly parasite prevention products. Only an estimated 13% of pet owners dose their pets with flea and tick treatments at the prescribed interval, our products arrive in the post on the day they are due, providing a simple, convenient solution.

Marianne Strange, founder of Protect My Pet

A little bit of

Protect My Pet is proud to be an independent business born from a true passion for pets. We are a small group of animal lovers who want to make it easier for busy owners to keep their pets healthy. After more than 12 years working in the veterinary industry, the idea for a flea and worm subscription came from seeing the need for a new approach to help our clients (and ourselves!) remember when to treat for parasites.

In the UK we continue to see thousands of cases of parasites each year despite the availability of effective products on the market and we knew there had to be a simpler way! Keeping cats and dogs free of parasites is one of the first steps in protecting them from potential illness and disease.