A few key figures

2021 Oxygenserv is created
3 Committed co-founders
100 Servers in our comptuer park by 2022
3 Thousand recurring subscriptions expected by the end of 2023



Jean-Baptiste Devic

Co-founder & Oxygenserv

Maxence Salomon

Co-founder & chief executive Oxygenserv

Benjamin Soulas

Co-founder & chief executive Oxygenserv

A word
from the founder

The essence of Oxygenserv is to prove that, despite the technical barriers, it is possible to offer simple, ecological and accessible solutions to all. 

Our main goal will be to raise awareness in an entire sector, the video game industry, so that its users become aware of their impact on the planet. The Paris-Dauphine Incubator provides us with the perfect support both in the development of our startup and in spreading our message and our solution on a larger scale. 

Jean-Baptiste, Co-founder of Oxygenserv


A little bit
of history

Oxygenserv is the reunion of three players who, after having successfully created an e-commerce site, decided to launch a new project to propose a real alternative to the current solutions on the game server hosting market. 

The observation? The servers on which millions of players around the world play are of poor quality and their impact on the planet is considerable. The games of millions of players are hosted in extremely energy-intensive data centres, which represents a significant carbon footprint. If we look at CO2 emissions, digital accounts for 3.8% of annual GHG emissions, which represents more than civil aviation. And as nobody wanted to initiate change, we decided to take matters into our own hands! This is how our project, Oxygenserv, was born at the end of 2019.