A few key figures

2020 Streem Energy is created
5,000 Monitored facilities in France
1 Million of data points treated every day
1 Single interface (web & API) to deliver all our services



Emma Alfonsi

Co-founder & CEO Streem Energy

Gautier Boucher

Co-founder & CTO Streem Energy

A word
from the founder

The electricity market is changing: the decentralisation of assets, the explosion of renewable energy production and storage are creating new challenges in terms of modelling and data exchange. 

Advances in artificial intelligence enable us to respond with turnkey solutions, and the environment of the Paris-Dauphine Incubator is conducive to innovation!

Emma Alfonsi, Co-founder of Streem Energy


A little bit
of history

Emma and Gautier met while working on an electricity trading desk before both joining start-ups in the field of “big data” and energy. 

They finally met again for a project at the crossroads between the electricity market and tech!