A few key figures

2021 Offeaze is created
50 Coworking spaces on the platform
1,800 Coworking in France
8 Partners business



Nadjib Damerdji

Co-founder & CEO Offeaze

Fayçal Belab

Co-founder & CPO Offeaze

A word
from the founder

Our motivation is mainly linked to the fact that Dauphine has a unique reputation. Nadjib, co-founder & alumni, has himself benefited from an excellent education whose values are anchored in the incubator. 

The incubator offers a tailor-made programme to support entrepreneurs at different stages of their project. This has been confirmed by founders who have been there (Zenride, The Trust Society) who have associated their success with the guidance they received. Dauphine is also an incubator of talent and an exceptional cross-industry network that we will be very happy to exploit to ensure the success of our venture.

Nadjib Damerdji, Co-founder of Offeaze


A little bit
of history

Offeaze was born out of a problem encountered by the two founders at different levels. 

The first one was that it was really complicated to centralize information about spaces and to book online. The second one was that low occupancy rates within companies forced the company, where Nadjib worked, to change offices twice in 3 years. 

We met 28 years ago for one simple reason: we are cousins! Fun fact about Offeaze: our company was created from 4 different countries! We are both digital nomads at heart and have travelled to over 70 countries between the two of us.