A few key figures

2021 ekowash is created
95 % of water saving by handwashing
325 Thousand potential clients in France
2022 Launch of the terminal



Valérian Challut

Co-founder & CEO ekowash

Thibault Paczkowski

Co-founder ekowash

A word
from the founder

The Paris-Dauphine Incubator is one of the main reasons why I applied to this university. It is very well known and has a well-developed network in France. Recently, this network has even been exported abroad, particularly to London. The incubator team and the other people incubated are really benevolent, which pushes us to give our best! 

Valérian Challut, Co-founder of ekowash


A little bit
of history

We have always been very close to the ecological values of our generation. At ekowash we wanted to have a real impact on society, both by safeguarding the environment and by reducing the impact of epidemics.