A few key figures

2 Consecutive years in the Gartner Process Mining Market Guide
30% Productivity gain provided in average by Logpickr
15 Recruitments planned in 2021
26 Billion euros: market size worldwide



Fabrice Baranski

Co-founder & CEO Logpickr

Daniel Cortinovis

Co-founder & CTO Logpickr

A word
from the founder

Logpickr wants to fight these inefficiencies and aims to make companies more efficient and agile without having to redesign their entire IS, processes and organisation. Thanks to our patented Process Mining innovation, Logpickr has the only technology capable of understanding complex organisations and revealing unsuspected savings. 

We are very happy to be laureates of the CNCC competition, which has allowed us to be integrated into the new class of the Paris-Dauphine Incubator! The environment, the collaboration with the university’s masters and the access to funding thanks to the Dauphine Foundation are significant assets for our project.

Fabrice Baranski, Co-founder of Logpickr


A little bit
of history

We are always surprised by the astonishment that our solution brings, when our clients realise for the first time the complexity of their organisation and processes. 

This moment is always a way for us to make the connection between what customers and employees experience in a company and what managers fail to see. And making work less complex and solving the day-to-day problems of these companies is what we are passionate about at Logpickr!