Via Sana

Via Sana is a new type of workspace for medical, paramedical and well-being professionals. It is a space on demand, which can be rented from half a day a week to full time, and which is based on the activity and real needs of the practitioners. 

It is a modern, designer space that is truly dedicated to their practice, which looks like them and gives them credibility. It is a real network of centres, which allows them to build up a patient base over several geographical areas. It’s their own practice with no investment and no commitment, where they come to do what they like and what they know how to do. And finally, the opportunity to grow your practice and develop at your own pace and at a lower cost. 

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A few key figures

2020 Via Sana is created
3 Committed co-founders
4 Operational centres
40 Health practitioners



Louis Fosse

Co-founder Via Sana

Ulysse Vallier

Co-founder Via Sana

Gauthier Josse

Co-founder Via Sana

A word
from the founder

We wish to bring flexibility to the health sector and allow everyone to start a private practice without apprehension or investment. We are working to improve the working conditions of healthcare professionals: to fight the “solitude of the private practice”, to create multidisciplinary teams and to build living and social spaces to guarantee a better experience for patients. 

 We are very happy to be part of the Paris-Dauphine Incubator! A startup that was previously incubated highly recommended this support programme, and we are convinced that the ecosystem and all of the mentors and experts will contribute to the development of our project.

Louis, Co-founder of Via Sana


A little bit
of history

We met around common friends and their stories. These friends are psychologists, physiotherapists and osteopaths and although they do not have the same speciality, they all have the same experience to tell: difficulty in finding a suitable place, colleagues to share it and, above all, disproportionate investments and commitments. 

It is from the desire to help them that the team and the project were born!