Rollee gives individuals back the power over their professional and financial data. Our solution allows real estate agencies, banks, and other organisations to verify sensitive information while ensuring its security. 

We ensure that our customers do not use this data for commercial purposes. Rollee’s technology can connect to payroll software, banks, freelancer platforms and other sources to authenticate business and financial data in a secure environment. 

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A few key figures

2021 Rollee is created
2 Committed co-founders
30 Real estate agencies in France
10 Recruitments by the end of 2021



Ali Hamriti

Co-founder & CEO Rollee

Pierrick Legrand

Co-founder & COO Rollee

A word
from the founder

The benevolence and pro-activity of the Paris-Dauphine Incubator teams definitely convinced us to develop Rollee here. 

The incubator’s value proposition is in line with what we are looking for, and the Dauphine ecosystem is a considerable asset for a company in the development phase. 

Ali Hamriti, Co-founder of Rollee


A little bit
of history

Rollee was born out of an observation Ali made at Ditto, a fintech that provided credit to VSEs and freelancers. As Head of Data, he had to create a credit scoring model. He quickly realised that the professional background check was incomplete and insecure. 

This is how the idea of Rollee emerged. The meeting with Pierrick followed, thanks to an acquaintance from the HEC entrepreneurs’ network, which undoubtedly accelerated the project. 

No particular originality to report for the moment, but don’t worry, it will happen soon!