NES Formation

NES Formation offers high-level continuing education courses dedicated to healthcare professionals. 

Our aim is to become the reference in the field of digital training in the health sector, with a proposal based on two main areas: ultra-qualitative training for health professionals on the one hand; and the optimisation of the entire learning experience, in order to make it engaging and loyal, on the other. 

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A few key figures

2019 NES Formation is created
1,000 Number of qualified healthcare professionals at the end of 2020.
1 Million of healthcare professionals practicing in France in 2020
80 Number of education activities offered by the end of 2021



Harry Sitbon

Co-founder & Co-CEO NES Formation

Gabriel Neuman

Co-founder & Co-CEO NES Formation

A word
from the founder

It is a great opportunity to be incubated by the Paris-Dauphine Incubator and to benefit of a stimulating ecosystem, well located in Paris, during this milestone year for our start-up. 

The family spirit of the Incubator and the access to a dedicated mentor are a significant plus to help us structure our activity and manage our company. We are convinced that, thanks to this personalised tutoring, we will be able to develop our start-up in the best conditions possible!

Harry Sitbon, Co-founder of NES Formation


A little bit
of history

After a long and complex initial training, numbers show that only 40% of healthcare professionals fulfil their obligations of continuing education. We tried to understand why, by interviewing the professionals concerned, and decided to tackle this major problem 

We have known each other since we were 10 years old and have always dreamed of building together an innovative project with a strong social impact. Harry is a doctor, Gabriel an expert in health training – we hope, through NES Formation, to contribute to the optimisation of the quality of care through the improvement of the training of health professionals. 

An anecdote about our startup? During one of our first training sessions on one of our recurring themes, medical hypnosis, one of our founders (and we won’t say who) played the role of the patient for the expert’s demonstration and was particularly suggestible to the hypnosis experience!