Nalia supports Customer Success teams of B2B companies to be proactive on their accounts by identifying upstream churn risks and upsell opportunities 

Our solution provides CSMs with: an Early Warning System that sends churn and upsell alerts every Monday; an intelligent health score to easily understand the accounts; a dashboard to dig into each customer account and analyse weak signals. 

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A few key figures

2019 Nalia is created
50 B2B clients in less than 2 months of commercialization
9 Number of persons in Nalia’s team
2 Partners with Intercom and Zendesk



Alexis Tuil

Co-founder & Chief executive Nalia

Raphael Presberg

Co-founder & Chairman Nalia

A word
from the founder

Dauphine is one of Alexis’s houses, co-founder of Nalia. That is where he created Genius, a federation of student entrepreneurs, which later grew up in a large federation. 

He wanted to join this ecosystem, which he knows well, and so we decided to join the Paris-Dauphine Incubator! 

Raphael Presberg, Co-founder of Nalia


A little bit
of history

Alexis and Raphel have always known each other: their parents have been friends since their medical school years.  

Raphael, on Eiffo Analytics, had a client in churn prediction before joining forces with Alexis so that they could discover together the customer success business and create Nalia in customer experience 

For the record, we had signed a first client in March 2020 with whom we were due to start on March 15, 2020, the date of the first lock-down in France. Rather than despair, we co-founded the citizen initiative Data Against Covid-19, which has become the official dashboard for monitoring the epidemic!