Magileads is a SaaS platform for the automation of commercial prospecting. The platform gathers through the same tool: a database of several millions of BtoB contacts, structured and updated in real time; a marketing automation tool allowing to communicate with prospects through all acquisition channels (email, telephone, social selling, paper mailing, etc); a CRM for tracking the various prospects.  

In this way, companies’ marketing and sales departments use a single platform to manage their entire prospecting cycle. 

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A few key figures

500 Thousand managers and directors marketing in France
8 % of the opportunities won come from trade fairs, direct marketing, and telephone prospecting
80 % of companies doing digital prospecting have a better ROI than what they had the previous year
1 Euro invested in the BtoB e-mailing campaign generates an average of 40 to 50 euros of ROI



François Kolli

Co-founder Magileads

Nicolas Arnaud

Co-founder Magileads

A word
from the founders

The marketing and sales function is becoming increasingly digital. We therefore want to offer a fully integrated tool that is easy to use and allows campaigns to be conducted on all the acquisition levers identified by the company: emailing, telephone, social selling, paper mailings, etc. We position ourselves as a tool that facilitates the prospecting process and saves time in its actions.

François and Nicolas, co-founders of Magileads

A few
more information

Magileads was born from a simple observation: between the actions led by the marketing teams and the actions led by the sales teams, a lot of sticking points are created. Creating a complete prospecting cycle requires the use of 3 to 4 different tools, and de facto reduces the fluidity between marketing and sales. 

Therefore, it was necessary to create a single interface able to satisfy both marketing (sourcing of prospects and creation of acquisition pipes) and sales (tool for monitoring prospects generated by marketing campaigns) to offer a 360° solution.