Le Petit Cadenas

Le Petit Cadenas (“The tiny locker » in English) is a startup which proposes a new activity to do at home. You have to succeed in opening a gift box, closed by a padlock, by solving riddles like an Escape Game. 

We want to offer a new experience around the gift. Indeed, for us, receiving a gift is good, but earning it is even better! 

The principle of the game is very simple: as they solve riddles, take on challenges and find clues, players will be able to obtain a reward.  

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A few key figures

2019 Le Petit Cadenas is created
1 Passionate brotherhood
2 Meaning 1 game and 1 reward
100 % of the gifts should be earned!



Camille Rieux

Co-founder Le Petit Cadenas

Dimitri Rieux

Co-founder Le Petit Cadenas

A word
from the founder

To succeed in entrepreneurship, you first have to make the decision to launch yourself, but above all you have to stay organised. Being incubated in the Paris-Dauphine Incubator’s Student Programme has enabled us to benefit from follow-up throughout our development. 

Now, our ambition is to create a unique and original experience that we will remember. We want to become the reference in terms of original gift-giving activities. Every occasion, whether it’s a birthday, holiday or occasional gift, will be even more memorable with our concept.

Dimitri, co-founder of Le Petit Cadenas

A little bit
of history

We tried our first entrepreneurial experience by offering a hot tub rental service at home. This experience allowed us to discover our strengths and weaknesses, and to have a first insight on how to manage a project as a family. 

We wanted to try again with Le Petit Cadenas, because we wanted to work on a project that was closer to our hearts. 

Living from our passion is what motivates us the most. For us, being an entrepreneur should not be linked to a diploma, but to the efforts that are made to succeed!